Architecture involves the whole person. Drawing from the experience of space and light and sculpting it into form is the origin of my architectural journey. This simple concept continually grows in all of us and becomes our architectural complexion.

At a young age the need to explore my complexion inspired me to draw, to build and to fix. Taking these intuitions into my adult years seemed natural and enjoyable.

Studying architecture on the college and professional level ignited my passion into a calling and lifetime ambition.

The licensing process broadened my passion to serve the community in a scientific as well as artistic capacity.

New York is my home where I embrace my beautiful bride of 17 years and five children. Their nourishment affords me the opportunity to expand my practice wherever the need evolves.


John Anthony Ferraro PC Architect offers a wide array of architectural services, including:


John Anthony Ferraro P.C, Architect is a diverse practice with experience in religious buildings, schools, residential, municipal and commercial. It is my philosophy that architecture is sculpted by client needs. This thought process orchestrates a unique client/architect relationship from preliminary design through construction documentation.

I dedicate myself to providing professional and creative design in harmony with local and state requirements.

As a member of the American Institute of Architects and nationally certified by the National Council Architectural Board, I mandate all documentation is executed with the highest professional and ethical standards. This assures each client excellence in the practice of architecture.

Select Clients

Residential Architecture

Whether it is new construction, spec homes, condominiums or renovations, JAFPC Architect has the experience to interpret client needs into architecture that reflects their lifestyle and budget.

Commercial Architecture

Commercial Interiors require appealing design that invites the customer and portrays an image of success and confidence. This is achieved with color, spatial relationships and furniture. Employees too must feel relaxed and supported by an environment that is ergonomically correct and architectural inspiring.

Religious Architecture

A person's individual need to pray can be as simple as a quiet room or as complex as the most elaborate cathedrals. Either way this need is very real. Our spiritual self connects us with our God ultimately completing our existence. The space we choose to nourish that connection must embrace our faith and glorify it.

This joyful celebration should be echoed in the architecture that envelopes it, allowing all who reside in it to feel inspired.

JAFPC architect provides guidance to achieve the goals of your congregation. Our experience in orchestrating workshops, committee and finance meetings creates a sense of inclusion of all devout members fostering the feeling of family and community.


Technologic advancements have transformed the old patio room into beautiful conservatory spaces that become additional usable square footage. With increased insulative values these spaces are now conditioned and can be used year round. JAFPC is experienced in providing architectural services to conservatory companies and homeowners as it relates to renovations, code compliance, ICC testing and energy conservation.


Atlas Park envelopes over a half a million square feet of mall and retail space. In the center of it all is ''Orange'' a restaurant café serving all who visit the mall.


AUTOCAD and other 3D programs allow virtual presentations where the client can walk through the space before it is built. This contributes greatly to the design process offering the client a "real" glimpse of what is to be built. This level of presentation can also assist in the sale of design schemes to banks, congregations, finance committees etc... JAFPC Architect offers a pallet of presentation types to assist in the design process.

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