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Being an Architect and a Father

New City, NY, is my hometown. I have lived here since the mid 1960's. I attended the local high school, and graduated with a professonial degree of Architecture from the New York Institute of Technology. In my mid-twenties I started my family, and shortly after my first set of twins, I was blessed with the endurance to begin practicing Architecture - under my name, in my own firm. My wife, Jeanne, has been my number one supporter, and my five children have cheered by her side. My journey, thus far, has been one of enlightenment, and joy. All through the years, I have been able to rely on architecture to provide me with the satisfaction of engaging, so personally, with the community I grew up in. Also, and maybe most importantly, it has provided me with the flexibility to balance work, and family at a level I never could have imagined 25 years ago.  







There is a lot to be said about Architecture. Its' artistic capabilities, poetic language, complex delegation, ethical parameters...I will say one thing; it is not a job like "going to work" kind of job. It is a passion that keeps me up at night when an idea sparks, and sometimes it drives me crazy. 





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